Meet the Characters

Notle the Witch

NotleSite A mild-mannered, green-skinned witch living in a regular suburban neighborhood. Notle is mostly seen in the comic just living a normal life, but it is difficult with two rambunctious pets under the same roof. She works for a company called “Labnormal Industries” where strange experiments are often done. She usually tries to do things normally, but sometimes likes using her powers for fun or making potions to create something interesting. She enjoys going on “broom rides”, and rarely wears shoes, preferring to be in her bare feet.

Kaeley Cat


A usually grumpy feline, who often has to watch over the troublesome Spike Beagle when Notle is away. Like a lot of cats, she’d rather keep to herself. She tends to have get-rich-quick schemes (as evidenced in the “Holiday Tree” arc), but it’s mostly just to benefit herself. Although she may not admit it, she does find Notle’s experiments and Spike’s antics somewhat amusing.

Spike Beagle

SpikeSiteA disobedient dog that usually starts whatever havoc goes on in the comic. He believes himself to be smarter than he is, although he once got himself killed by drinking one of Notle’s potions after being told not to. He is very much “the load” of the comic. And, even though he can be a hindrance for Notle and Kaeley, they will usually bail him out.