“Twitter” correction!

Just a quick notice that my Twitter handle is @InvaderPet
NOT “@BrandonPierce” as it says to the right. This was due to a miscommunication when designing the website, and right now we’re having trouble fixing it. Until then, my Twitter handle is @InvaderPet



Need something to hold your spot in a story? Fear not! The cast of “Pet Projects”, Notle the Witch, Kaeley Cat, and Spike Beagle will take the job! Bookmarks are available for purchase at “Destiny City Comics” ($2.00 a bookmark) located on 218 Saint Helens Avenue Tacoma, WA 98402

Be sure to check out their site!

Upcoming Projects

For those wondering why I haven’t added any new comics on, it’s because I’m currently getting an animated short under way, tentatively called “Flame War”. I’m still working on recording the voices. Animation should be underway by summer.